• Innovative corrugated packaged design
    Tack Packaging

    Short Run Custom Corrugate Cartons

    Our corrugated box production line boasts the widest format, high speed, high resolution corrugated production line in the country

Tack Packaging produces all styles of corrugate containers available.

  • Full Colour printed boxes
  • Low minimum order quantity
  • Custom design boxes in all shapes and sizes
  • No die charges or set up fees
  • Fast Delivery
  • Produced in Co. Wicklow

The right packaging sells products and so the right box for your product is a key requirement.

Our Packaging Engineering & Design team can help you to optimise your packaging design and functionality.

We have production capabilities for custom printed boxes include graphics and packaging design, printing, cutting, folding and gluing, all of which can be customized to meet your needs.

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We can quote you for any quantity, however large or small. And remember, your printed tape could pay for itself by saving the loss of one package or the gain of a new customer due to the "advertising" on your tape!

Optimise your packaging design and functionality

Contact our Packaging Engineering & Design team 00353 12878260

End of Line Packaging Solutions

We are the sole Irish agents for SIAT, the world’s foremost manufacturer of end of line packaging machinery. The majority of applications can be satisfied with off-the-shelf units from the extensive Siat range, but we can also design, install and commission custom solutions to suit the needs of individual customer applications.

Siat Products
  • WS46/47Siat Products

    WS46/47 are Automatic Turntable Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines. These machines are designed for low to medium duty wrapping applications. WS46/47 machines are available in different configurations, with the possibility of 90° pallet in-feed and out-feed mode. On WS46/47 range models it...

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  • SR4Siat Products

    Centering unit to keep the boxes centered and stable during manual filling. Top & Bottom driven belts (2 x 50 mm width each) Driven belts speed 20 m/min. 2 x Motors kW 0,13 each 2 x K11R taping units...

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  • SM11Siat Products

    Automatic four-flaps-folder device Manual adjustment on different box sizes (width, height, length) by handles. Time required 1′ Side driven belts (2 x 75 mm width each) Driven belts speed 21 m/min 2 x Motors kW 0,13 each Side pressure...

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  • SK2Siat Products

    Adjustment on width & height by handles (30” time) Top & bottom driven belts (2 x 75 mm width each) Driven belts speed 20 m/min. 2 x Motors kW 0,13 each 2 x K11R taping unit – 50 mm...

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  • RASiat Products

    RA is a Fully Automatic Rotary Arm Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine. The machine, suitable for medium to high production rates, has been designed for unstable loads and can be installed at the end of any automated production line or...

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  • IMA DP 13/19Siat Products

    Package type: flat/round surface Strap quality: steel (Rmax. 1100 N/mm²) Strap width: from 13 mm up to 19 mm Strap thickness: from 0.4 mm up to 0.8* mm (Rmax. 880 N/mm²) (*optional) Strap thickness: from 0.4 mm up to 0.63 mm...

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  • F144Siat Products

    Box storage for 150 boxes Box storage available on left side (SX) or right side (DX) Production up to 700 boxes/hour 2 x Carriages moved by compressed air (SMC+BOSCH) with suckers to pick cartons from box storage, square and push them in motorized...

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  • F105Siat Products

    Semi-automatic width random device Length to be adjusted on the different box sizes The machine folds the four bottom flaps, it doesn’t seal boxes Side guides automatically (pneumatic) identify the box width holding  boxes to facilitate its filling Carton...

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